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Cape Coral man claims to have spotted ‘UFO’

CAPE CORAL, Fl. — A mysterious object was spotted flying in the sky over Cape Coral on Tuesday evening. 

The man who saw it said at one point the aircraft was hovering right over his car, like they were ready to shine a beam down on him, trying to absorb him into what he calls a UFO. 

Jose Carrodegua was on his way home from work when he saw the first of two UFO’s. He says it’s like nothing he’s ever seen before. 

“The light began to separate into two and then come back together,” said Carrodegua.

Just five minutes away on Santa Barbara Blvd. he took pictures of another aircraft. 

“It was a black diamond with lights on the side and one red light towards the center, not all the way to the back of the craft,” Carrodegua said. 

“I was like holy sh*t, that’s a UFO,” said Carrodeuga. “That’s not nothing from here.”

Carrodegua stopped in the middle of the road, and stared into the sky. 

“We were just in awe,” he said. “It was right overhead, floating over us basically. There was no sound. It was magnificent.”

It’s the silent part that catches the attention of 24-year veteran Air Force pilot Kevin Russo. 

“We don’t have any silent running aircraft or helicopters that I know of in our world at this time,” said Russo. 

The crafts quick maneuvering also raised a red flag about what really was flying over the Cape. 

It’s similar to what US Navy pilots saw in recently surfaced videos filmed as recent as 2015. 

U.S. Intelligence committees are planning to present the recently declassified information about UFO’s to the Senate this month. 

Here in the Cape, it’s one picture that stood out to Kevin Russo. 

“It almost looks like two aerial vehicles in formation doing a maneuver,” Russo said. “Hovering, and then making sharp angle turns, 90 degrees or 180 degrees, we just don’t have that.” 

There is one thing, however, tying the crafts here to Earth — red and green lights described by Jose. 

“The lights all match what we have in aviation,” said Russo. 

But that still doesn’t explain the lack of noise. 

“I think that’s the biggest clue to this, that there was zero sound,” said Russo. 

All factors considered, the Air Force pilot, who flew in missions like Desert Storm, also left wondering what was flying in our skies. 

“I would go on the 90% side, probably 85%-90% that it’s probably not from here,” said Russo. 

The FAA said they did not have any records of any aircraft in the area Tuesday night.

“So is that something we’ve created that people don’t know about yet? Or is that something that’s extraterrestrial that’s visiting our planet,” said Russo. 

So until someone, or something proves what Jose saw wasn’t a UFO, his mind is set. 

“Right now in my heart I believe it was definitely something from another planet,” said Carrodegua. 

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