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Cape Coral man finds bullet hole in truck

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A Cape Coral man said it wasn’t until a friend pointed out a bullet hole in his truck that he called the police. 

Jason Lambert of Cape Coral still remembers the drive to baseball practice last Wednesday on Veterans Parkway that he said was rudely interrupted by a loud noise. 

“I thought the tires kicked something up, I was upset at myself. By the time I got to the destination like 10 minutes later, I had forgotten all about it,” said Lambert.

It wasn’t until a friend of his, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, noticed something more than just a dent in his truck. 

“I walked around to the side and said it sure does look like a bullet hole, he said don’t touch it, call 911,” Lambert said. 

So that’s what he did, and when CCPD came, he said they pulled a projectile out of the hole. 

“It looked like a mangled up piece of metal, resembled something smashed up like a rivet or pellet maybe,” said Lambert.

But if that wasn’t enough, the call he got a few days was even more alarming. 

“Two days later, another police officer called me up and said there was another vehicle that had been shot at leaving the Lowes Parking lot at around the same time. It put a dent in their vehicle as well,” Lambert said. 

Leaving the mystery of who and why, up to Cape Coral Police. 

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