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Charlotte County Lyft incident was misunderstanding, deputies say

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. – A scary situation for a Charlotte County mother in a Lyft ride with her children ended up just being a case of miscommunication, deputies said.

The mother had been taking a Lyft to Fort Myers to pick up her vehicle from the shop with her two children on Monday when she claimed her driver had started to ignore his GPS directions.

The woman said the driver claimed he needed to stop at his house to get a different credit card to pay for gas after they had already stopped at a gas station. She said she felt uncomfortable doing so and said she asked him to stop the car multiple times.

The woman claimed that her and her children jumped out of the vehicle when the driver slowed at a stop sign.

Charlotte County deputies investigated the incident and determined that no crime was committed.

The driver told deputies that his card had been declined at the gas station and that he needed to get an alternate form of payment. He said that when he got off the interstate, the woman asked to get out of the car, so he stopped and put the car in park so the rear doors of his car would unlock for them.

The driver said his car’s safety features require it to be put in park in order for passengers in the back to get out.

Investigators reviewed the driver’s bank statements which supported his claim. Deputies said the driver did not prevent the woman and her children from getting out of the car at any point during the ride and found that no crime had occurred.

The sheriff’s office said that the mother will not be facing any charges as the situation was a misunderstanding.

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