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Florida DEO cancels contract with Titan Technologies

FLORIDA – Titan Technologies confirmed Tuesday the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) has canceled its contract with the company.

Titan Technologies, a call center company, was hired by the DEO to help people with their unemployment claims.

Those still having a difficult time collecting unemployment may now have an even harder time as the company employed 5,000 people as temporary agents to help Floridians get their unemployment issues resolved.

In a statement to NBC2, Titan Technologies said it was disappointed with the state’s decision to use government employees.

The announcement comes as federal unemployment benefits of $300 a week are set to expire at the just weeks away at the end of June.

The DEO has not yet responded to request for comment.


During an unprecedented crisis, Titan Technologies proudly served the State of Florida’s reemployment assistance efforts by rapidly building remote call centers, hiring more than 5,000 Floridians as temporary agents, and committing to the various training protocols needed to function in the FL DEO’s system.  Over the past 15 months, our agents helped millions of Florida residents process their claims.  Unfortunately, our progress no longer aligns with the DEO’s new plans for using Government staff instead of our agents.  While we are disappointed with the decision, we remain proud of the work we provided and look forward to future opportunities to serve the State of Florida.

The post Florida DEO cancels contract with Titan Technologies appeared first on NBC2 News.


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