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Florida kid who sent message in a bottle has been found

MARATHON, Fla. [WFLA] – A message in a bottle claiming to be sent from Myrtle Beach and dated back to 1987 was found on in Marathon, Florida on Monday.

As it turns out, the message wasn’t from Myrtle Beach or from 1987, but was the project of a young prankster.

The note was dated May 16, 1987 and said: 

“Dear person who finds this I want you to try to return it to me my name is Zack Williams and if I’m dead by the time you try to return the just keep it I put it in the ocean at Myrtle Beach SC.”

Christopher Nolan spotted the bottle in a Marathon canal. He thought it was litter at first, so retrieved it from the water.

“I just noticed there was a piece of paper in it, so I dug it out,” Nolan said. “I figured nobody would’ve just stuffed it. It looked like a note. It took up the whole bottle. It was rolled up in there. I figured just take it out, and it’s this cool little note.”

Nolan tried to find Williams; however, it wasn’t Williams but his son Noah who wrote the letter. Williams said at first he thought it was actually a message in a bottle that he had released years ago when he was a child. Instead, it was his son who placed it in the canal when they were on a trip to the Keys.

What gave the message away was Noah’s handwriting, which Williams recognized.

Williams said Noah has always enjoyed pulling pranks.

A Facebook post about the prank was made by Nolan’s co-worker and was shared more than 1,000 times by Tuesday night.

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