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Florida man tries to throw shark from Naples pier in viral video

NAPLES, Fla. – A Naples Man is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons after a video he was in went viral from Friday night.

In the video, it shows the man attempting to throw a shark off the Naples Pier and back into the water. However, it all turns into a disaster when the shark never makes it off the pier and slams onto the ground.

According to the man depicted in that video, it all started when another fisherman had the shark hooked on his line. That’s when he decided to help, lifting the shark onto the pier and holding it for pictures. 

After folks had a chance to grab a snapshot, he decided it was time to release the shark back to the water. That is when it all went south and a viral video was born.

“The message they are sending is wrong. I wasn’t hurting the shark, I was just trying to help it get back in the water,” explained the unnamed Naples man. “I fish every evening, 365. I don’t want to hurt sharks. It’s fun to catch and release them.”

However, not everyone is on board with that explanation.

“I mean regardless if that was the case, I don’t like abusing animals. I do it for the sport and I think it was wrong to do in my opinion,” explained fisherman, Jon Frey. “Obviously, don’t bring it on to the pier and obviously don’t have it slam down the dock. That’s not good for the fish and it doesn’t look good for us fisherman either.”

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