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FSW Softball leads the way with school’s first national championship

FORT MYERS, Fla. – After only six years the Florida Southwestern athletics department brought home its first national championship over the weekend after going a perfect 5-0 in the NJCAA national tournament.

The Bucs trip out west was complete with dramatic comebacks, a SportsCenter top 10 play, and overall great softball as the Bucs brought the championship to Fort Myers.

“I am so proud of our team and it was absolutely a team effort,” FSW freshman infielder Feline Poot said.

It took a team effort on the diamond and off that gave FSW the crown jewel that every program has been hunting since athletics started back up at the school.

“It is so big for our school you know. Only six years of this program, of all these programs for all the sports so it’s really big,” Poot said.

While softball closed the deal, every FSW team had a national ranking this year and competed or won a conference title. Meaning that this win for the program validates that the process in place works.

“It is really a great, great, great formula that we have at our school with the athletics both academically and athletically,” FSW Softball head coach Robert Iamurri said.

“It just kind of put a stamp on that yeah you are right that they aren’t just having good seasons they are competing and they are working towards championships and here’s the proof of the fruits of our labor,” FSW Director of Athletics George Sanders said.

Proof that is going to be shared across all Bucs sports.

“I think it is a bragging rights thing for our school,” Coach Iamurri said “This is a school thing. We want them to win we want them to be successful because it is about us as a family.”

With the first championship getting ready to be celebrated across Southwest Florida at the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels game Tuesday night and a ceremony at the school Wednesday the ball is now in the other teams’ courts and fields.

The process works and their time is coming soon.

“A couple of them text me and I told both of them hey you are next it is just a matter of time,” Coach Iamurri said.

“The formula is there and we can reproduce that and if we keep getting good kids will have a chance to do so,” Sanders said.

The Bucs are now off for the summer with sports starting back up in the Fall beginning with volleyball.

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