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Golden Gate Estates residents fed up with mailbox vandals

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, Fla. – There’s an ongoing problem on 29th Ave SW in Golden Gate Estates: Drivers are treating homeowner’s mailboxes like piñata’s.

Saturday, resident Hope Daley said she was on her way to dinner when she saw her mailbox knocked over. 

“I was just kind of surprised that there wasn’t a note or something,” said Davis. “This person made sure to it was by the cement post but they really didn’t do anything else.”

However, Daley isn’t the only one. According to Davis, another neighbor’s mailbox was knocked to the ground for the 10th time that same day.

“There are also people that use it as kind of a drag strip, which is not really acceptable and concerns a lot of us because there are kids and animals that wonder around,” shared Daley.

A frustrating problem, that has left many in the neighborhood looking for solutions.

“It’s really just better to be safe, drive the speed limit and pay attention to where you are driving,” said Daley.

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