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Health Matters: How is COVID-19 Impacting your Mental Health

From isolation to anxiety, health experts at Lee Health say since the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve seen an increase in patients needing mental health care.

“We have seen patients who before never had difficulties with mental health start to have difficulties. We have seen people who had mental health and this has made it worse,” said Dr. Jacqueline Hidalgo, a clinical psychologist with Lee Health.

Dr. Hidalgo has worked with patients on feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation, fear, loss, and substance abuse. “Missing family members, missing seeing friends, missing their coworkers. We have had a lot of conversations about conflicting views between family, friends, coworkers. People seeing things in a different way and maybe having some conflict related to that. We’ve had some conversations about loss. There’s been a lot of loss associated with COVID-19. People that were not able to celebrate weddings, birthdays, funerals,” she said.

She encourages people to reach out if they need help. “Whatever you’re struggling with, it can get better. There are treatments out there. Whether it’s medication, whether it’s counseling, talk therapy, which is what I do, there are all kinds of things,” said Dr. Hidalgo. Giving patients a safe space to talk and learn healthy coping skills.

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