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Job search requirement resumes for Florida unemployment claims

FLORIDA – There are some big changes for people still collecting unemployment in Florida. For the last year since the pandemic, those collecting didn’t have to prove they were looking for work.

In order to continue collecting unemployment those receiving benefits are going to have to work a little harder in fact they’ll have to prove that they are looking for a job and that means visiting places like Career Source which is expecting more people to start showing up and looking for work.

Desperate employers hope the requirement will help fill some of their empty positions.

B&I Contractors in Fort Myers alone has 60 open positions.

Bubba’s Roadhouse & Saloon in Cape Coral has employees working overtime because of the work shortage.

Steven Shea works at Seed and Bean in Fort Myers and said the expanding business is moving into Venice and needs workers to staff the location.  He also feared the jobs his company is offering don’t pay the same level that many may be collecting on unemployment and extra benefits which are being offered.

But collecting unemployment now requires you to look for five jobs a week.

 “They’re going to make sure that people are actually reaching out to the contacts that they say they are.  You can’t just plug in a couple links from craigslist or indeed,” said Unemployment Advocate Vanessa Brito.

Brito points to the new form that will require recipients document 10 job contacts for each pay period.

“I don’t even know if connect is going to be able to handle the volume of searches that have to be imputed,” Brito stressed.

Self-employed workers who have their own business have a special option to collect the federal $300 a week.

Brito suggested they reach out to potential customers to try and solicit work and that will qualify as a potential job search allowing them to collect the federal money which is set to expire in Florida at the end of June.

There are only a few exceptions for people who won’t have to prove they’re looking for work.  That is if you’re undergoing a career training program at Career Source they will be excused.  If you’re a member of the union in good standing or if you’re serving jury duty you won’t have to prove you’re looking for work in order to collect.

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