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Motorcyclist caught on camera riding hands-free on I-75

NAPLES, Fla. – The Florida Highway Patrol is warning people to drive safe and not distracted after a man was caught on camera riding a motorcycle north on I-75 from Naples without holding on to the handlebars. 

Troopers said the video, which was filmed by a person in another vehicle also driving on I-75 also caused concern. They said drivers should drive holding on to the wheel or handlebars of their vehicle and should not drive distracted. 

Lt. Gregory S. Bueno, with the Florida Highway Patrol, said driving in those conditions is dangerous and can reduce your reaction time if something unexpected happens. If you are caught, you could be cited. 

“If someone’s ultimate goal is to get more Facebook likes by posting a video of someone being careless and irresponsible on a road we all use, that’s juvenile,” Bueno said. 

“Distractions increase the probability that something bad is going to occur,” he added. 

Bueno said if you see any distracted or dangerous driving, you should report it to the Florida Highway Patrol. 

The post Motorcyclist caught on camera riding hands-free on I-75 appeared first on NBC2 News.


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