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Naples Park trees to be removed for infrastructure repairs

NAPLES, Fla. – Trees in Naples Park are soon getting the axe due to infrastructure repairs.

Collier County Public Utilities continues to revamp the neighborhood’s infrastructure by replacing water, wastewater, and stormwater systems. In some areas, pipes are over 50 years old. 

The project began in 2015. Its new phase to revamp 108th Ave N and 109th Ave N started in late April. Before work begins, the county is tasked with clearing out any trees or landscaping that blocks access to the underground pipes.

 Last week, the county spray painted trees that will be removed with orange X’s.

Diana Dueri, Senior Project Manager of Collier County Public Utilities Department said some are wrapped with orange ribbons that represent where the roots extend.

“….that is a tree right near the right-of-way line or on the private property that its roots are extended to the right-of-way or the branches are in the right of way,” Dueri said.

The county will bring an arborist to the site this week to determine their fate. 

For this project, the county can legally take down landscaping within a 20-foot setback from the road.

Richard Sparkman, a Naples Park resident, is sad to say goodbye to a palm tree that’s 19 feet away from the roadway. He said it’s been in his front yard for over two decades.

“If they were putting a four-lane highway, they’d have enough room,” Sparkman said.

Others planned ahead and spent nearly $300 to relocate a mango tree away from the project’s right-of-way.

“We planted it a good 6,7,8 feet further back then we might have,” Naples Park resident Karen Sjolander said.

The county will begin chopping as early as Friday.

“There will be a benefit at the end. It’s just going to be a little bit sad to see the streets look a little barren when you look down them,” Sjolander said.

Once the new pipes are installed, the county will replace mailboxes and repave the roads.

Any questions can be directed to the Naples Park Public Utilities Renewal hotline 239-269-1890, email og.LFytnuoCreilloC@RUPkraPselpaNv, or website www.CollierPUR.com

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