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New video of Everglades Mink could be crucial in learning more about species

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – New video of what scientists are calling an Everglades Mink could be crucial to learning more about them.

Its a poorly understood, yet adorable creature that the Florida Fish ad Wildlife Conservation Commission is trying to learn more about. The photographer who took this video said that the Mink was captured on camera deep within the Fakahatchee State Preserve Park. 

“This issue is we literally do not know how many animals there are,” said Dr. Billy Gunnels, a biology professor at Florida Gulf Coast University. “The last paper I saw was from 2014, and it documented a Mink inside the gut of an alligator. That was the first positive confirmation the Mink was in the Everglades.” 

Before this video, the best information about the Everglades Mink came from a handful of pictures, and the remains of one found in an Alligator’s stomach. 

So what can we tell from the video? Apparently, they’re not too afraid of Cottonmouths, one of Florida’s most venomous snakes. 

“So Minks will eat snakes,” Gunnels said. “Not commonly, but they will and a lot of predators will evaluate potential prey item.”

More importantly, FWC, who have asked people to report sightings of them, can use this footage to better understand this rare relative of the weasel, ferret, and Mongoose. 

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