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New video shows plane involved in LaBelle crash flying low near homes

LABELLE, Fla. – The plane involved in a deadly crash in LaBelle was flying low near homes before the crash, new video shows.

Michael Stockton, the pilot in the plane, was killed in the crash on May 6. The pilot-rated passenger was seriously injured after the crash that happened right next to a church.

The plane departed from LaBelle Municipal Airport before it began a decelerating descent, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. A witness then reported to a Federal Aviation Administration safety inspector that she was driving in her car when an airplane appeared immediately in front of her at treetop height traveling westbound. She told FAA that she didn’t hear an engine sound.

NTSB investigators said in a preliminary report that it appeared the plane’s propellers were not turning, and the landing gear was down. The plane was seen crashing into the top of a tree and then hitting the ground flat, before continuing into trees and a memorial garden on the church property where it came to rest.

The doorbell camera that filmed about 500 feet east of the crash site captured the airplane as it passed overhead at a low altitude, NTSB investigators said. The engine sound was smooth and continuous as it passed into and out of the camera’s view. Seconds later, the sounds of impact were heard.


The plane was brought in for an inspection and the work was completed one month prior to the pilot and owner of the plane picking it up on May 6, NTSB said in their preliminary report. The passenger said that the pilot hadn’t flown the airplane “for a long time” and asked if they could go for a flight and he agreed.

The passenger told NTSB investigators that they went on a short flight, returned, serviced the plane with 130 gallons of fuel, and then departed again.

NTSB confirmed the Government of Canada issued the pilot an airline transport pilot certificate for helicopters with multiple type ratings. He was also issued a private pilot certificate for airplanes in April 2017, with ratings for single and multiengine airplanes.

The pilot’s most recent medical examination was completed in April 2019.

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