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Two sea turtles being treated at CROW on Sanibel

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA – Two sea turtles are in recovery at the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel.

A green sea turtle was rescued on May 21 after it was found floating and suffering from symptoms of red tide. Wildlife experts said the turtle also had a shell deformity that could have been the result of a birth defect or past trauma.

CROW said the deformity won’t prevent the sea turtle from being released once it’s ready.

The other turtle that was rescued was a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle that was found floating. Once it was admitted to CROW, the sea turtle was found to have had a hook in its throat.

The hook was removed, but the sea turtle is still recovering from its buoyancy issue and limited use of its hind legs, possible caused by a previous trauma, CROW said.

CROW posted about the two sea turtles on Tuesday, which is World Oceans Day — a day to help inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean.

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