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WATCH: Cars driving nose to bumper on Fort Myers highway

FORT MYERS, Fla.– An interesting tow job caught the attention of drivers on Colonial Boulevard over the weekend.

A video taken from a nearby car’s passenger seat shows a the front bumper of a green car connected to the back bumper of a white car, pushing it down the busy boulevard. 

In the nearly two minute long video, the two cars separate as they near a stop light before connecting to push the car again at the stoplight. 

While some who travel the busy road daily find the video comical, the Florida Highway Patrol doesn’t. 

“It’s just a recipe for a problem,” said Lt. Greg Bueno. “Go about the proper means to do it. You can call a tow truck. You can do so legally.” 

Bueno said there are legal ways to tow someone’s car but people trying maneuvers like that are endangering everyone on the road. 

“You can’t say ‘ah, I can put two matts between our car and push it’, no,” Bueno says. “A lot of things that lead to tragedy is pure silliness.” 

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