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Pandemic shuts down production causing AC shortage

FORT MYERS, Fla. — During the height of the pandemic in 2020, HVAC production lines shut down

“Before, we would have a whole list of options for our customers,” said Gorden Durant with Fort Myers-based Island Aire.

“Now, with shortages and price increases, we’re seeing the options are decreasing and the prices are increasing.”

AC prices are skyrocketing. 

In 2020, a middle of the road unit would run you about $6,500. So far in 2021, prices have risen 15% already. Durant said suppliers are hinting that price increases could top 30% by the middle of the year. 

“The homeowner is feeling the brunt of it,” said Durant. 

It’s not just new HVAC units either. Repairing your aging machine, or even those under warranty, could leave your family not feeling very chill.

“Once these machines are past the 10-year point, we’re seeing that those are the most expensive ones to get,” said Durant.

“The customer would have to sit without air conditioning for 6-8 weeks or foot the bill for a new air conditioner.”

Island Aire is keeping their warehouse fully stocked right now, but if a heat wave were to come to town, their entire stock of 100 air conditioners could be wiped out in a week. 

If you own your home, being proactive could prevent a big time purchase this summer. 

“Maintenance is key,” explained Durant. “It’s making sure every little component is doing its job so that the larger components will survive.”

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