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Some airlines extend alcohol bans on flights

FORT MYERS, Fla. – As airports fill back up with passengers hoping to take to the skies, accounts of violence on planes are drastically rising on various airlines around the country.

In the last week of May, multiple fist fights were caught on camera while passengers were seated on the plane. Things turned violent on a Southwest Airlines flight when a passenger assaulted a flight attendant, knocking out two of her teeth.

Issues in the sky are something some passing through the Southwest Florida International Airport have noticed in their travels, according to Michigan resident George Chirillo. 

“Especially coming out of the pandemic, people can’t seem to control themselves right now,” said Chirillo. 

In response to the violent outbreaks, Southwest and American Airlines have extended their ban on alcohol for economy class flights.

“It’s unfortunate they ruin it for everyone else who has a couple drinks to get comfortable,” said Michigan man, Michael Landau, while he waited for his flight from RSW. 

Lehigh Acres resident Shena Burgos disagrees, she thinks locking up the liquor is a step in the right direction to quell the violence.

“I think they’re doing the right thing to avoid fights and stuff like that. I think they should do it for a short period of time just to stop the nonsense,” said Burgos.

Some passengers believe alcohol isn’t the issue, they think it’s a litany of reasons for the aggression.

“You get people who have too many drinks on the plane and they rip their masks off,” said Michael Landau. 

Many airlines had stopped serving in-flight alcohol to passengers during the pandemic. 

With sporting events and airlines beginning to allow fans back in, many hope calm will prevail and any alcohol restrictions will be lifted soon.

“I think this is a temporary thing that will blow over,” said Landau. 

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